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Discover ecologically rich Alaska, the Galapagos Islands and Costa Rica.*Explore awesomely beautiful Antarctica, the 2000 mile long Amazon River, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and Mexico's Sea of Cortez.*Rejuvenate body and spirit on a spa cruise on the Mediterranean.*Taste culinary delights on a barge cruise through the canals of France. Experience the romance of tall ship cruising.*Participate in the adventure on a private yacht charter in the Greek Islands.

Cruise to remote destinations, explore hidden coves, discover rivers and cultures that larger ships cannot reach. Get far from the crowds. Give yourself a more intimate and personal experience. Enjoy casual elegance, great food and opportunities to participate.

Walk on shores more quickly and more often to explore the natural beauty you came so far too see. Allow your spontaneous spirit the flexibility to be with the unplanned events of nature. Follow your curiosity, travel in the company of knowledgeable experts and have the time to strike out on your own.

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JOURNEY TO ANTARCTICA: Adventure to the only continent that has been free of human habitation since the beginnings of time. Experience the mythical beauty of indescribable blues and greens created by light reflecting off towering icebergs and rivers of pack ice as well as the pinks and oranges of an endless sunset.
Participate in shore walks among teeming rookeries of penguins, seals and birds. Visit research stations. Thrill to the sight of whales feeding. Sail into the caldera of a volcano. Explore this unspoiled, largest pure wilderness area on earth with knowledgeable expedition leaders and guides. Follow your curiosity. Be among the few to have stood on this continent.
*** Join Animal Adventures
TV host Jack Hanna on the February 3rd Marco Polo departure.
Departures available December through March. Book early and save.

WINDSTAR CRUISES: experience the "Casual Elegance" that breeds relaxation. Each ship, framed in striking white sails, is elegant, graceful, but designed to be functional and comfortable. Lots of light and air, ocean views everywhere. Simple and superb - all outside cabins. The natural fabrics and rich woods are impeccably maintained.You return pampered, relaxed and full of memories to last a lifetime! Crisp sails angle against a sky, blue as a dream. Teak decks warm the soles of your bare feet. A staff member, gracious yet unobtrusive, seems to magically appear with an ice-cold rum punch or an extra fluffy pillow just as you've thought of it. Your dress is casually elegant - a style unique to Windstar where no jackets or ties are required. A perfectly prepared salmon fillet is whisked onto the linen cloth before you, followed by a heavenly crème brulee'. You toast your mutual exquisite taste in choosing this cruise, and each other.

THE ALASKA EXPERIENCE: Visit narrow passageways, sheltered inlets, hidden coves and remote villages as you cruise along the Inside Passage. Feel the icy spray from a waterfall cascading down the side of a gorge. Wonder at the glaciers and the play of sea otters and bears. Touch the ice. Travel with naturalist guides that offer in depth knowledge to match your experience. Surround yourself with Alaska! Book Alaska early to assure a cabin!

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