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Celebrating the Culture, Nature and Spirit of South India. Begin in Mumbai (Bombay), Explore Mysore, Ooty the hill station, and Chochin on the Arabian Sea. Feel the adventure of two wildlife safaris to spot tigers. Spend two nights on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala. Visit palaces and temples and have a meal in a local home. Spend time with a lama, priest and rabbi. Enjoy the architecture, art and dance. Click for suggested itinerary

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Discover India on a tour or customized independent itinerary. Explore this exotic land of stupendous dimensions; India never ceasing to amaze with her varied topography, picturesque villages, high mountain peaks, colorful valleys, stunning desert, cascading rivers, sophisticated cities, tropical beaches and enthralling tapestry of cultural diversity dating back to 2500 BC.

INDIA has more forts and palaces than the whole of Europe and opportunities for you to stay where Maharajas, Maharanis and Princes once stayed. Personally experience the grandeur and glory of feudal and princely India.

INDIA has more than 80 major festivals a year celebrated enthusiastically by song, dance, trumpets, fireworks, banners, gaily caparisoned elephants, and amazing bursts of color. There are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist and Jain festivals and more than likely at least one festival will coincide with your Passage to India. India provides many choices for the traveler and many opportunities to experience the dance of diversity and the contrasts of harmony.

INDIA is not for everyone. India is for those of us interested in adventure; spiritual journeys; brilliant art and architecture; romantic accommodations; interacting with the heart and spirit of diverse and varied cultures; and pure stimulation of the senses. India is for those who want to explore a rich cultural fabric where ancient traditions, rituals and cuisines still reflect the social, spiritual and geographical diversity passed on through centuries; a country where history is still very much alive.

INDIA is a country providing so many unique and vastly varied travel options that it is extremely important to match your interests, style and needs to how, where, when and with whom you travel. Journeys Travel consultants are ready to assist you in sorting through the myriad of possibilities. Custom designed individualized itineraries, tours, spiritual journeys, adventure treks, white water rafting and kayaking, elephant safaris, and romantic train journeys and more are all available.

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